Currently, there are over 50 Golden Retriever Rescue groups in North America.  "Golden Retriever Rescue" groups are organizations that take in unwanted, needy, or homeless/stay Goldens.  Many times these Goldens are rescued from puppy mills, backyard breeders, shelters and humane societies.  Other times they are simply found wandering streets and neighbourhoods.  Also, they can be Goldens which are turned over to rescue for a variety of reasons, including a family which just does not want them any more, or a breeder which has become overwhelmed with too many dogs, puppies they cannot sell, or who refuses to take responsibility for puppies produced in their breeding program.   At the bottom of this page, you  will find a few links to some Rescue groups.

Rescue groups are constantly in need of volunteers, foster homes, donations, and assistance of any kind.  A foster home is a home that cares for a dog on a temporary basis, until a suitable permanent one can be found.  Volunteers are also needed for administrative duties, fund-raising, dog walking, transporting dogs,  etc.  If you can't find the time to volunteer or be a foster home, please consider sending a donation to your local Rescue group.  "Anything" you can do will help.  If there is no Golden Rescue group in your area, consider contacting your local Humane Society or Animal Shelter and offering your assistance.

Meet Emma!
She's the dog in the middle of this group of happy senior Goldens.
In 1997, we adopted Emma from the Dallas/Fort Worth Golden Retriever Rescue program.  She had been found wandering the streets of Dallas, and after several weeks in the rescue program, she had not been claimed or adopted, most likely due to her age.  Rescue workers guessed her to be about 6-8 years old. 

Shortly after adopting Emma, she came into season, so as a result she was spayed soon thereafter by our veterinarian.  It was discovered during the spay surgery that Emma had delivered many puppies in her lifetime.  Our vet estimated her age to be about 8 to 10 years of age. There was evidence of a number of c-sections, cysts, and her reproductive system was a mess.  Possibly she was a puppy mill producer who could no longer produce puppies, so she was dumped on the streets. 

Amazingly, Emma lived with us until August 13, 2003 at which time we had to say good-bye.  She had a wonderful, true Golden temperament and was a much loved member of our family.  Even though Emma lived somewhere between 13 and 17 years, it was not without issue.  She had significant eye cataracts, next to no hearing, constant ear infections, skin issues, allergies, advanced arthritis, and was missing several of her teeth, and many others were just little useless nubs when we adopted her.  Several had to be removed, several simply fell out on their own over time.  Emma, our rescue dog, who despite all these issues, always wagged her tail and was happy as a clam having a family to love and care for her.

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